1. Flight Paths

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  2. An evening on the beach

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  3. A Street on a Hill

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  4. Sailboats on the Mediterranean 

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  5. The highest point at Montserrat. It was very windy up there.


  6. Montserrat


  7. Golden hour at Port Vell


  8. The ferris wheel on the top of Tibidabo. We just walked through the park and didn’t go on any rides. I wish I got to ride the roller coaster there. It had a drop on a hill that over looked all of Barcelona.



  10. A mini cairn I made while chilling at the beach today


  11. Light from stained glass windows reflected on to organ pipes at La Sagrada Família.


  12. La Sagrada Família was incredible today. I how much of it was influenced by nature.


  13. Hiked up and hill and just chilled for like half an hour. Just taking in the view.


  14. Castell de Montjuïc


  15. Late Afternoon/Evening at Port Vell